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Full text of "news update, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, February 2011"

Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 8:37 PM 

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Breaking News Conference News - February B S EZ1 

Feature Focus End of the Year SEC Financial Report 

The end of the year financial report shows GOOD news and BAD news. The bad 


news is that we once again ended the year with a deficit of $21 ,500. The good 
Conference News news is that this deficit is less than the deficit in 2009, of $24,500. Our OCWM 

Basic Support is up from last year $8,500 to $285,000. Our goal for 201 1 is to 
Local Church News rgjse CWM Basic Support by 15%, which, with our savings in administration and 

Lifting Up... operations, means we could both not have a deficit and increase our giving to the 

national church. Given these challenging times, we remain deeply grateful for the 
NEWS Archives giving from our local churches. 

Upcoming Events 

As we move into 201 1 , the Board of Directors has approved a budget of $521 ,200, 
SEC News Resources which is down $140,000 from 2010 reflecting slower grant income activity and 

continual reduction in operating and administrative costs. The projected deficit for 
2011 is $8,000. 

SECUCC eNewsletter > S EC 2010 Financials 

Sign up for SECUCC > Follow link to review the SEC 201 1 Budget 

Email Newsletter 

i i r^ 

SEC Board of Directors Meeting Updates / February 12 

Southeast Conference FAQ's 

Who is the SEC? 

Who is the UCC? 

How Do I Find a UCC Church? 

What Ministries are Available? 

Is Training Available? ^HS£S££33&M ' K " thy ^ °" ^ ° 0ntinUin9 

development of Pathways, a four-year online 

certificate program to equip people for lay and 

authorized ministries in the United Church of 

Christ. The program is being developed in 

collaboration with the Center for Progressive 

Renewal, and Lancaster Theological Seminary, 

and is scheduled for launch in the fall of 201 1 . 

• Debbie Spearman reported that about one 

half of our churches have responded to the 

Campaign to Transform Churches and 

Transform Lives. 19 churches have pledged 1 1 have declined to pledge, 6 have 

committed to pledge, but not to an amount at this time. We are seeking responses 

for another 14 churches. Transforming Churches - Transforming Lives pledges to 

date amount to $486,365. We are well on our way to our goal of $1 .4 million. 

TAP Donate 

| D EQESi □ I 


Southeast Conference 



Southeast Conference 


UCC News 
UCC Newsroom 

Headlines from the United 
Church of Christ 

N.Y. teen offers 'All -Star' efforts 
to Heifer International 
A 15-year-old member of St. 
Peter's UCC in West Seneca, 
N.Y., is singing and strumming 
up a storm for the popular 
mission-driven organization. 


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Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 8:37 PM 

• Gerri Ryons Hudson reported she is in the midst of end of the year activities. 
She is closing the books, collecting information from churches, and updating 
data. In addition, she is now beginning the process of registering and making 
arrangements for General Synod delegates. 

• Tim Downs reported that we are always facing the question, "how do we build 
on our strengths and attend to the creative and generative places of conference 
life and not become distracted by those parts of ministry which have little hope of 
growth. We are beginning to live into our relationship with the Center for 
Progressive Renewal, which is providing us training and technical support for new 
church starts, online education, and church renewal. We have received two 
churches into the UCC in the last several months. Tim has served on two national 
search committees, and on several boards and committees in the national setting 
of the UCC. 

• SEC Annual Meeting 2011: Given the declining attendance and growing deficits 
around the Conference Annual Meeting, a committee has met to make 
recommendations for changes. 

Business will be kept to a minimum. 
Worship will be shortened, and 
opportunities for interaction and fellowship will be developed. 

• The Personnel Committee: the Committee reported that they had performed 
annual reviews with all staff, and that they were pleased with the performance of 

• Nominations Solicited: Delegate and representative searches have been 
completed for conference positions and those to serve on the Board of Justice and 
Witness ministries. 

• History Project: The board received the report from Mike Stroud of the progress 
of the history project, in which Mike is engage in research to prepare for the writing 
of the history of the Conference of the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2016. 

• Our Delegates to the Boards of Directors of the Covenanted Ministries of 
the UCC: 

We have received reports from each our representatives to the national setting. 
Dorinda Broadnax, Executive Council 

Elizabeth Clement, Office of General Ministries and the Unified Governance 
Task Force 

Susannah Davis, Local Church Ministries 
John Gill, Justice and Witness Ministries 
Marcia Bentley, Wider Church Ministries. 

Southeast Conference Begins to Organize For General Synod in Tampa 

General Synod XXVIII, will be held in Tampa, FL, July 1st-5th. It is our hope that 
the Southeast Conference, which has a long history of sending many visitors to 


file: ///Users/MTS/Desktop/work%20in%20progress/archive_org%20newsletter%20uploads/20 11 /February/conference-news, html 

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Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 8:37 PM 

General Synod, will be abundantly represented. Each morning of General Synod, 
the Southeast Conference delegates and visitors gather for breakfast and 
briefings. We will have a list on all those from the Southeast Conference attending 
Synod, and we will be in touch with you with details. 

The SEC Delegation 

We would like to introduce you to our delegation, which represents all of our 
associations and reflect the great diversity of our conference. 

• Jeremy Rich: Jeremy is the pastor of Bethany Congregational UCC, 
Thomasville, GA, a TAP participant, and licensed for ministry. He is a 

• Bette Graves Thomas: Bette is a lifelong member of First Congregational UCC, 
Atlanta, a proud grandmother, and the administrator of First Church. Bette is the 
secretary of the Board of the Conference. She is a retired school teacher. 

Class of 2014 (Attending Synod in 2011 and 2013) 

• Susanne Tew-Washburn: Susanne is an assistant professor at Troy State 
University, a member of Sandy Creek UCC, in Lafayette, AL. She currently serves 
on the personnel committee of the Conference. Susanne is married to Wayde 
Washburn, moderator of the East Alabama-West Georgia Association. 

• Jennifer Spears: Jennifer, a member of Garden of Grace UCC, in Columbia, 
SC, is seeking a license for ministry in the Georgia-South Carolina Association. 
Jennifer is a TAP participant, a journalist, and is married to Lois. 

• Christophe Ringer: Christophe is the pastor of Howard Congregational UCC in 
Nashville. Recently ordained in the UCC, he is a candidate for a PhD at 
Vanderbilt University. He is married to Kim Peeler, who is also seeking a doctoral 
degree from Vanderbilt. 

• Wesley Farrell-Williams: A member of First Congregational UCC, Atlanta, 
graduates from high school this year. He has been active in the youth activities of 
First Church. 

Justice and Witness Ministries Board of Directors and SEC Board of 

Chris Lyman Waldron | Praxis UCC 

place on Saturday, 
August 27, 201 1, in Atlanta from noon to 4:30 p.m. There will be a special 

of three boys. Jim is an engineer. 

The Theology Among the 
People (TAP) Annual 
Banquet and 
Commencement will take 

Save the Date 

file: ///Users/MTS/Desktop/work%20in%20progress/archive_org%20newsletter%20uploads/20 11 /February/conference-news, html 

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Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 8:37 PM 

program, meal, ana worsnip during wnicn tnis year's graduates will De nonored. 
Watch for more details! 

SEC Upcoming Association Meetings 
Georgia-South Carolina Association 

Schedules Annual Meeting Hosted by Victory Church in Stone Mountain April 16th 
Circle your calendars and plan to join us on Saturday April 16th at Victory Church 
in Stone Mountain. The meeting will include an Annual Meeting, and a called 
Ecclesiastical Council at which we will have at least two candidates for ordination 
speaking to us, as well as acting to receive Peace Congregational UCC, Clemson, 
SC into the UCC as a full congregation. Peace is a new church start under the 
leadership of Susie Smith, and has grown to 70-80 in worship in three years. More 
details will follow in next month's newsletter. 

Alabama-Tennessee Association 

Schedules Annual Meeting May 13-14 in Chattanooga 

While there are more details to come, the Alabama-Tennessee Association has 
scheduled its Annual Meeting to be hosted at Pilgrim Congregational UCC 
Chattanooga on Friday, May 13th and Saturday May 14th. Program planning is 
underway, and an ecclesiastical council is being scheduled. 

UCCOSSN Annual Meeting 

The supporting hands of the on-going ministries of the United Church of Christ is 
holding its 201 1 Annual Meeting "Go Tell It On the Mountains." The meeting, 
hosted by First Church of Christ, Congregational, UCC | North Conway, NH 
will be April 28-May 1. We are the Office Support Staff from local churches, 
conferences and national agencies and instrumentalities. We look forward to 
meeting with you this April. Follow the links below for additional event information. 

■ UCCOSSN 201 1 Annual Meeting Flyer 

■ UCCOSSN 201 1 Annual Meeting Hotel Reservation 

■ UCCOSSN 201 1 Annual Meeting Registration Form 

Online Courses (5 
weeks) being offered 
through the 
Center for Progressive 
Renewal this March: 
> March 7 - April 11 
Church Planting 101 

> March 21 - April 25 
Faith Formation in, and 


file:///Users/MTS/Desktop/work%20in%20progress/archive_org%20newsletter%20uploads/20 11 /February/conference-news. html Page 4 of 5 

Leader Link Conference News Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

7/3/13 8:37 PM 

for, the Inventive Age 

> March 31 - May 13 
Appreciative Inquiry 
(A.I.) Leads Change 



y Conference Minister 

y TAP Director 

y SEC Donations 

y Church Development 

y Communications Director 

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